Klinik für Psychische Gesundheit

Brain Stimulation, Neuromodulation and Psychopharmacotherapy

Our working group focusses on clinical and neurobiological research of the whole spectrum of neuromodulatory treatment in difficult-to-treat psychiatric disorders. Neurobiological changes and clinical effectivity studies are conducted in brain stimulation technique (ECT, rTMS and VNS) as well as in psychopharmacological approaches ((S-)Ketamin and psychotherapy. We supply broad clinical and research expertise in difficult-to-treat mental disorders, especially in difficult-to-treat depression. Clinical, technical, neuropsychological, neurobiological and immunological correlates of treatment response and course of disease are objectives of our research. Clinical studies require close collaboration of researchers and clinicians. Patients with difficult-to-treat course of disease may need novel approaches or combinations. Clinical members of our research group supply personalisied diagnostics and treatment evaluation to in-patients and out-patients. We counsel patients on whether or not they are eligible for a clinical trial. Close interaction between clinic and research should facilitate a transfer of research results into clinical care. We aim to make or research to be useable in the care of our patients.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Baune, MPH, MBA, FRANZCP, Head of the Department

Dr. med. Erhan Kavakbasi, Senior Consultant

Mohammad Mari, Resident

Ahmad Hassan, Resident

Ruth Fellmeth, Medical Student

Mustafa Tonkul, Medical Student

Elena Beckman, Medical Student

Hildegard Stücker, Study Nurse

1. Studies on treatment outcome and neurobiological changes during the course of ECT, rTMS, VNS, Ketamine and Esketamine (nasal, intravenous)

2. Studies on the combination of different neuromodulation techniques or combination of neuromodulation and psychotherapy or pharmacotherapy

3. Combination of rTMS with rapid acting antidepressants

4. Psychopharmacological studies on different stages of depression treatment

5. Management of difficult-to-treat depression (DTD)

6. Short and long-term MEG correlates of brain stimulation   

7. International Consortium Genomics of ECT-response (GenECT-ic)

8. International clinical trials:

  • Restore-Life-Study (VNS)
  • Escape-TRD-Study (Esketamine nasal)



Inhouse Funding

Kavakbasi E, Hassan Aa, Baune BT, Combination of Electroconvulsive Therapy Alternating With Intravenous Esketamine Can Lead to Rapid Remission of Treatment Resistant Depression, Journal of ECT, 2021 Jun 1

Kavakbasi E, Baune BT, Combination of Tranylcypromine with Mirtazapine in difficult-to-treat depression, Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, accepted, in press

Kavakbasi E, Baune BT, Psychopharmacotherapy of depressive disorders, Book chapter in NeuroPsychopharmacotherapy, SpringerNature, 2021, in press


Brain Stimulation, Neuromodulation and Psychopharmacotherapy

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