Research Funding

Selected research funding (in alphabetical order):

Project: The role of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signaling pathway in the tumorigenesis and development of cerebellar progenitor cells.


(I) Project: Die funktionelle Rolle der YAP/TAZ Hippo-Signalweg Transducer und ihrer WNT/b-catenin-Interdependenz in Synovialsarkomen.

(II) Project: Relevance of regulator proteins of actin remodeling for the gain of an invasive phenotype in Ewing’s sarcoma.In cooperation with Konrad Steinestel and Uta Dirksen.


Project: Identification and characterization of molecular targets in sarcoma cell lines as a basis of innovative therapeutic strategies - Interdisciplinary research group KoSar (Sarcoma competence network).

Project: Analysis of the molecular function of the WNT signaling pathway in synovial sarcoma.


Travel grant: AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) Annual Meeting, Washington USA.


(I) Project: Analysis of the functional role of the YAP/TAZ Hippo signaling pathway transducers in myxoid liposarcoma as a basis for innovative therapies.

(II) Project: Generation and therapeutic application of sarcoma-associated chromosomal translocations with the RNA-guided CRISPR-Cas9 system.

(III) Project: Funktionelle Charakterisierung der Transkriptionsfaktoren c-Jun und CREB im Kontext des aktivierten PI3K/AKT/GSK3-ß-Signalwegs in myxoiden Liposarkomen


Project: Funktionelle Charakterisierung des Transkriptionsfaktors CREB in Synovialsarkomen.


(I) Project: Analyse der funktionellen Rolle von Podoplanin in Synovialsarkomen als Basis molekular zielgerichteter Therapieansätze. In cooperation with Konrad Steinestel.

(II) Project: The significance of the WNT-, Hedgehog-, und NOTCH-signaling pathways in synovial sarcoma as potential targets in molecularly targeted therapeutic approaches.





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Our cancer research lab is located at the Gerhard-Domagk-Institute of Pathology / University Hospital Münster (UKM), Germany