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Molecular Dermatoendocrinology

A longstanding researcher in cell signalling and cell biology whose scientific interests is investigating the biological meaningful of pineal indoleamines, most notably melatonin. 
Melatonin, an evolutionarily ancient derivative of serotonin with hormonal properties, is the main neuroendocrine secretory product of the pineal gland. Melatonin is best known to regulate circadian rhythmicity and lower vertebrate skin pigmentation however, the full spectrum of functional activities still remain to be elucidated. 

The investigations carried out by the working group include the assessment of regulation of melanoma growth (cancer biology), mitochondrial function (bioenergetics, calcium homeostasis, and oxidative stress), pigment biology (melanogenesis) of cutaneous cells as well as anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative properties of melatonin against the internal and environmental insults (photobiology, UVR-induced damages). This research group is also investigating the role of melatonin in developmental dermatology in terms of its significance in melatonin-enriched biomaterials (wound healing). 
All in vitro investigations are conducted using cutaneous cells, i.e. selected melanoma cell lines (melanoma studies, pigment biology, mitochondrial function), human epidermal keratinocytes, melanocytes, and dermal fibroblasts (photobiology, wound healing) accompanied by tumour xenograft mouse model in vivo (cancer biology) and human full-thickness skin organ culture ex vivo (photodamage and assessment of counteracting capacity of melatonin). 

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Research group is collaborating with leading scientists within University of Münster but also across Europe, United Stated, or Australia in dermatoendocrinology, cell signalling, and dermatopathology with significant impact in the field. If you would like to be part of the network, either to perform your thesis within B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., or temporar internship, you are welcomed to join us.



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Chantal Holtkamp (Doctor Student)
Judith M. Pin (Doctor Student)
Jack Möller (Doctor Student)

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