Klinik für Augenheilkunde

Who we are

The UKM Reading Center provides standardized and systematic analysis of digital imaging for scientific ophthalmologic trials.

Professor Eter and her team established the UKM Reading Center to offer digital analysis of internal clinical trials at supreme level. The IT-platform was constructed under the aegis of the Department of Medical Informatics and the IT-Department of the Faculty of Medicine. Clinical trials require standardized acquisition, processing and analysis of clinical data which are ensured by internal validation of all applied procedures, high reproducibility of assessment results and an experienced group of ocular imaging specialists.

The members of our staff are physicians and scientists possessing a wealth of experience in clinical trials and in the use of many different retinal imaging technologies for studies targeting a variety of ophthalmic diseases. The UKM Reading Center supports its partners with extensive clinical experience in trials of the anterior as well as posterior segments of the eye.

To ensure high quality results acquisition and analysis of de-identified images in the UKM Reading Center are pursued according to international study-specific protocols. Our standard operating procedures (SOP) adhere strictly to EVICRs as well as Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines. The grading protocols are refined by our imaging specialists according to international standards. They have already been tested and optimized in several in-house trials delivering reproducible results. 

Since midyear 2017 the UKM Reading Center is additionally certified DIN ISO 9001-2015.



UKM Reading Center

Department of Ophthalmology
University of Münster Medical Center
Albert-Schweitzer-Campus 1, Building D15
48149 Münster